Count on us
If the skies hold no secrets for us, neither do numbers!
Take advantage of our team of accountants, experts in aeronautics, to manage your invoicing, from the operational to the administrative, including crew costs.


You take off. Your costs do not.
By centralising purchases for its entire fleet, Fly 7 keeps its prices on the tarmac!
So we guarantee you an industry-leading follow-up service and the best management at a great price.


Take off. Now.
At Fly 7, we are ready when you are!
Thanks to our team of operational specialists based in Lausanne, we can always ensure a prompt take-off.


Fulfilling your needs and those of your aircraft.
We look after your aeroplane as if it were ours! Thanks to our special relationship with
Pilatus and Jetfly Technik, we guarantee a service that complies with the highest
standards in aeronautics. Whether it is scheduling your maintenance or some last-minute
work, our dedicated team is here for you whenever you need them!

Customer service

Keep in touch 
All your concerns about the management and operation of your plane can be readily
processed with the help of a dedicated contact in our team. Our door is always open for


Placing your plane in the spotlight.
We know how to promote your aircraft to our customers. From social media, our website and brochures to presence at local events, our team knows all the tips and tricks for being seen in the right place at the right time!


Always well cared for.
An exceptional flight means an exceptional crew. To ensure you receive a unique service,
we take care of the recruitment, training and supervision of our crew members.