Seven aviation private club

Seven Aviation Private Club is an association which allows its members complete access to an entire fleet of aircraft.
With unrivalled rates, we will organize the perfect flight for your next business or private journey. A Swiss aircraft, built for the diverse and sometimes extreme Swiss terrain, our fleet of PC12, along with our highly capable and experienced pilots can fly into the smallest grass strips or the largest international airport. Whether you need to fly to Zurich International or Courchevel in France, our PC12 will get you there in complete comfort and style.

At Seven Aviation, we go above and beyond just organizing your flight. Ensuring a service that greets you at your doorstep guiding you to the comfort of your destination hotel. We make it our business to organize all the small details of a journey that do add up to make a difference. Whether you need a room to be booked, or a luxury car to be arranged, or even a Helicopter for continuing your journey, the Seven Aviation Club is at your disposal 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.