Fly7 Academy

Whether your dream is to pursue aviation as a passion or carve out a career in the piloting world, we create an unbeatable and unrivalled environment that allows you to succeed.
As our school is accredited by both EASA and FAA, we are able to train you for a wide range of licenses and qualifications, including both CPL, IR and ATPL.
Our team of highly qualified and friendly instructors, all of whom also actively fly as commercial executive pilots, will adopt a tailored, individualized approach to your flying training, thus allowing you to set the rate and style of your progression.

For these reasons, it is no surprise that at Fly 7 Flying Academy we have the future of our students at heart. The PC-12 rating includes a 4 day ground course in which you gain complete understanding of all aircraft systems, before passing to 12 block hours of flight training on the aircraft, where you will understand and master the flexibility and diversity of these incredible aircraft.

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